It is well established that the global economy has a major impact on the wellbeing of UK citizens. In this project the Trust is examining whether citizens in the UK feel sufficiently informed about the global economy and what opportunities they have to influence it.

To date we have:

  • Published a discussion paper case study on the relationship between the World Trade Organisation and UK civil society groups. Please click here to download a copy.
  • Published a response to this discussion paper from the University of Warwick Global Research Priorities in Global Governance programme. Please download a copy here.
  • Commissioned a feasibility study on the demand and potential for economic literacy training for UK-based journalists and civil society leaders. Please click here for the findings on training for journalists and here for the findings on training for civil society leaders.
  • Embarked on a new project, working with the International Broadcasting Trust, to examine how well UK broadcasters present information on the global economy to audiences. Click here to read the note from our Chatham House Rules roundtable at Channel 4, chaired by Michael Crick.