Today Carnegie UK aims to improve collective wellbeing by influencing public policy and practice. 

We do this by conducting research and writing reports. But we’re also working to amplify the voices of a wide range of individuals and communities, drawing on their experience to make the case for change to politicians, civil servants and other decision-makers.

In 2021, Carnegie UK published a new strategy  which reaffirms our role as a wellbeing organisation. In line with recent strategies we’ve retained our operating foundation model, meaning that we use our money to fund our research and practice work, rather than running open grant programmes.  

We have a team of 17 staff and 14 trustees who are responsible for our operations and governance. 

In all our work it is important to us to be:

Motivated by change:

we want change people’s lives for the better.


social progress requires using research and evidence to speak truth to power.


we will build coalitions to tackle injustice and change systems.


we will put strong relationships and kindness at the heart of everything we do.