Jennifer Wallace, Douglas White and Sarah Davidson
Year: 2020
ISBN: 978-1-912908-41-7

This paper outlines six propositions from the Carnegie UK Trust for the medium term recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. As society embarks on the process of recovery, we believe there is a collective responsibility to use what we have learned not just to repair the immediate damage but to also consider our how to make our economic, social and democratic structures fit for the future. Building Back for the Better: A perspective from CUKT is our contribution to that debate. The six propositions are based on our long history of research, policy and practice development on wellbeing. They are:
  • National wellbeing can be the goal
  • The relationship between the state and citizens can be reset
  • The future can be local (as well as global)
  • Our relationship with work can be remodelled
  • We can build a new level of financial resilience
  • Technology can be for all
These will not be the only things to consider for the medium-term recovery but we hope that by taking a wide perspective we can connect the recovery effort with the transformative systems change that so many have been calling for before and during the pandemic.

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