Joanna McGilvray, Carnegie UK
Year: 2024

The Department for Communities in Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) are reviewing the roles and responsibilities of Councillors. Organisationally, Carnegie UK have a long history working in Northern Ireland. From 2017 – 2021, we ran a programme titled ‘Northern Ireland: Embedding Wellbeing in Local Government’. We were pleased to contribute to this review, highlighting key recommendations from this work and sharing the wider research outputs.

Key messages:
  • Councillors should work in partnership with local people and stakeholders to identify shared priorities for their communities
  • Induction and training (including mentoring) for Councillors should be prioritised
  • Induction, resourcing and training to support effective delivery of community planning legislation is key.
  • Democratic wellbeing, including trust in government, in Northern Ireland is low. Enacting these recommendations could help positively address these challenges.

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