Jim Metcalfe
Year: 2012

Enterprise, Further Education And The UK Economy

  Enterprising Minds is a Carnegie UK research project that explores the attitudes of young people to enterprise, education, and the future in a fast changing economy. It focuses on how students view practical enterprise - starting a business, or working self-employed - and the contribution education systems make to the understanding of and enthusiasm for these work types. 1600 students were surveyed in early 2012, across the four jurisdictions of the United Kingdom. The respondents were enrolled in a variety of courses at 17 general and specialist further education college. They provided more than 70,000 unique responses to a detailed 45 question survey, presented electronically and through an innovative peer-to-peer research model. This research presents groundbreaking new findings of interest to education practitioners, policymakers and the wider public. The full research report is summarised here in an Executive Summary short document. To view the Executive Summary click on the image above. To view the full report click here.

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