Jennifer Wallace and Hannah Paylor, Carnegie UK
Year: 2023
ISBN: 978-1-912908-93-6

The Life in the UK index is a three-year demonstrator project designed to measure the collective wellbeing of the people of the UK, looking at social, economic, environmental, and democratic aspects of life.

This publication – produced with Ipsos - outlines scores for collective, social, economic, environmental and democratic wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The research is based on a representative survey of 6941 people from across the UK, including 728 From Northern Ireland.  It presents key findings in relation to how different demographics are doing across Wales.

Key finding:

 DEMOCRATIC CRISIS: Trust in government and other institutions is much lower in Northern Ireland than elsewhere in the UK, with a majority of people feeling that they cannot influence the Northern Ireland Executive or local level decision makers (74% and 60% respectively). Moreover, people in Northern Ireland are the most likely from across the UK to report that they cannot influence decisions affecting the UK as a whole (84% compared to 72% in England, 75% in Wales and 79% in Scotland).

Other reports in this series include:

We are committed to releasing further reports on different demographic groups.

Carnegie UK has and will continue to follow the principles of the Code of Practice for Statistics in the production of our Life in the UK index. We outline how we will adhere to these principles in our Voluntary Statement of Compliance.

You can access the full data tables associated with this research here.

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