Pippa Coutts, Hannah Ormston and Jennifer Wallace (Carnegie UK) with Majella McCloskey, Anne McMurray and Melanie Stone (Centre for Effective Services), Colm Bradley and Louise O’Kane (Community Places) and Brendan Murtagh (Queen’s University Belfast)
Year: 2021

The Northern Ireland Embedding Wellbeing in Local Government Programme ran from 2017 to 2021. Carnegie UK provided significant financial and in-kind support to three Community Planning Partnerships to overcome challenges in implementing their Community Plans.  The activities supported included development of the infrastructure for co-production, participatory budgeting and citizen engagement; opportunities for improving shared leadership across public services and; improving use and communication of evidence and data.  This report summarises the key learning under each of these headings and concludes with 18 recommendations for Community Planning and more broadly for improving wellbeing in Northern Ireland. The full report can be accessed here. A toolkit on co-production produced as part of the project can be accessed here.

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